Our History ?>

Our History

We Love Faucets Network started on January 2015 with WeLoveBTC. 😍

Our desire was to bring some innovative games to make users earn satoshi: lotteries, pick a number, contests. 🏆🏁

With some months we reach 10000+ users and we decided to grow our network with JewelryBTC. 📈👏

On JewelryBTC you was able to earn some satoshi catching jewels. 💍

Some months later we bring to the network the innovative PlayBTC, where users would vote on cute animals and win satoshi. 🐕🐱

We had problem with bots attacking our faucets and stealing our BTC balance, that resulted on a drastic change: we had to close JewelryBTC. 😱😭

After some months of work with a brand new script to rebuild our sites and give to us more stability, we started WaterBTC. 💪

Due to the rebuild with the new script, we had to remove our unique games. 😔

We started to make a better presence on Twitter to receive feedbacks from our users and to announce updates! 🐦

We bring back one of our most popular system to all our sites: Crazy Hours. 😝⏰

Crazy Hours starts every day on different hours and give more rewards to our users! 🙏

To interact more with our users, we started making contests on Twitter and give rewards there! 🐦🙌

We started our blog to tell to our users cryptocurrencies news and updates of our sites! 📰


Our history is still being written… 😉


Interesting Facts

  • We have 300,000+ users across the network
  • Only after the faucets rebuild, we already paid out over 1,300,000,000 satoshi (13 BTC)
  • Since the start, we already paid out over 33 BTC
  • We love all our users
  • We hate so much bots
  • We love bitcoin