Bitcoin transactions could consume as much energy as Denmark by the year 2020 ?>

Bitcoin transactions could consume as much energy as Denmark by the year 2020

The numbers in this study are very back-of-the-envelope and assume a worst case: widespread adoption of Bitcoin and not much improvement in Bitcoin mining activity, along with long replacement cycles for older, less efficient mining rigs.

Blockchain isn’t the only distributed ledger system, but it is the most power-hungry one. Other systems, like Merkle trees, can handle global-scale transaction ledgers on a couple of blade servers.

The results show that in an optimistic scenario, the increase in electricity consumption of the bitcoin network compared to now is not shocking,…

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Is Bitcoin’s Civil War Over? ?>

Is Bitcoin’s Civil War Over?

It has been almost a year since the Great Bitcoin Debate, which unleashed Bitcoin’s civil war, was brought to public attention. Now, a year later, an unofficial truce seems to have been reached with bitcoin’s potential crypto competitors, such as Ethereum, and potential competition from numerous bank sponsored consortiums focusing attention once again on making bitcoin great and appealing to all.

The Great Bitcoin Debate began with a series of posts by Gavin Andresen in Spring 2015 which argued for an increase in transaction capacity due to estimates that the limit of approximately 200,000 daily transactions would be reached by early 2016….

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Bitcoin Undervalued By Over $200, Investment Bank Report Finds ?>

Bitcoin Undervalued By Over $200, Investment Bank Report Finds

Investment bank and asset management firm Needham & Company has released a report that concludes that bitcoin is currently undervalued by 58% based on today’s price.

The report values bitcoin at $655, compared to about $412 today and advises that investors buy shares in the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC), a vehicle for speculators to invest in bitcoin without actually buying and holding the asset.

Spencer Bogart, author of the report and Needham’s newly appointed equity research associate in charge of bitcoin and blockchain,…

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#4 Twitter Contest ?>

#4 Twitter Contest

Hey guys,

Our 4th Twitter contest will end tomorrow (27/03/2016) at 5 pm (UTC -3).

If you didn’t participate yet, you still have chance to win up to 200,000 satoshi only by doing some simple Twitter tasks.

This time we’ll select 7 winners!! 🙌

These are the prizes:

#1 – 200,000 satoshi
#2 – 175,000 satoshi
#3 – 150,000 satoshi
#4 – 125,000 satoshi
#5 –…

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